• Way To Go Kiddo –Staying Fit is the Key to Learning Fast

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    kids_playing_outsideKids are hyperactive in nature, they ran around back and forth, they don’t mind playing with anything clean of dirty, it would not matter to them. They can play the whole day and would just rest for a minute and there they go again. This nature is just passing by, they only live as a kid once, and there is no stopping from growing up. Their ability to interact with other kids is a healthy sign of his/her wellbeing, socialization is the start of learning, and this is the time where their ability to reason, to communicate to decide or choose is being developed. But this would not be possible without the help of their so called “childish” nature.
    During their time outside, they start to make friends with pretty much every kid, or the opposite they tend to just be quiet and just wait for the other kid to do the move first. When they come to a point where they started playing together that’s the time they are learning to “learn” there point of learning is translated in the form of playing, that is why those kids who are hyper active tend to speak a lot, they are the ones who know a lot of things. There is a study that links the ability of a child to talk to being physically fit at the same time:

    The new findings, reported in the journal Brain and Cognition, do not prove that higher fitness directly influences the changes seen in the electrical activity of the brain, the researchers say, but offer a potential mechanism to explain why fitness correlates so closely with better cognitive performance on a variety of tasks.
    “All we know is there is something different about higher and lower fit kids,” said University of Illinois kinesiology and community health professor Charles Hillman who led the research with graduate student Mark Scudder and psychology professor Kara Federmeier. “Now whether that difference is caused by fitness or maybe some third variable that (affects) both fitness and language processing, we don’t know yet.”

    The researchers used electroencephalography (EEG), placing an electrode cap on the scalp to capture some of the electrical impulses associated with brain activity. The squiggly readouts from the electrodes look like seismic readings captured during an earthquake, …

    Kids that are growing up in a normal condition, should be given a chance to be physically active in their own way, because they do have their own childish instinct that would lead to learning what he/she supposed to learn in a particular period.

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