• Tips For Green Living

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    Living in a green home feels better and is better for you. A key to green building is making your house very air tight using advanced insulation and air sealing techniques. Combined with the right amount of ventilation, green homes much healthier and more comfortable.  Many people report enjoying deeper, more restful sleep because, among other reasons, they are breathing clean, filtered air.

    In crowded cities where condominiums and skyscrapers fill the cityscape, residents, builders and business owners alike are concerned for the environment around them. Walking through high-density areas around the world you can smell, see and feel the difference in the environment.

    Governments, businesses and builders are working for a brighter future together by building and managing in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. Many of us may ask, will it really work…It will, if we all participate.

    Making the move to environmentally friendly ways is not just for one group of people. It is no longer the concern of just the tree-hugger or just the car designer. It is not just the responsibility of the city-dweller to reduce their environmental footprint. The products and plans are in place to reduce our foot-print on the environment. However, it is up to us as a whole to make the change. A builder can build a green building, …



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