• Never Throw Away Your Used Tea Bags Again

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    The arrival of tea in Britain in the seventeenth century altered the drinking habits of this nation forever. The late eighteenth century saw black tea overtake green tea in popularity for the first time, which also accelerated the addition of milk. In the nineteenth century widespread cultivation of tea in India began, leading to the imports of Indian tea into Britain overtaking the imports of Chinese tea. And in the twentieth century there was a further development that would radically change our tea-drinking habits – the invention of the tea bag. The purpose of the tea bag is rooted in the belief that for tea to taste its best, the leaves ought to removed from the hot water at the end of a specific brewing period. Then there is the added benefit of convenience – a removable device means that tea can be made as easily in a mug as in a pot, without the need for a tea strainer, and that tea pots can be kept clean more easily. But the earliest examples of removable infusing devices for holding tea were not bags. Popular infusers included tea eggs and tea balls – perforated metal containers which were filled with loose leaves and immersed in boiling water, and then removed using an attached chain.

    We all are very familiar with tea benefits, but did you know the previously used teabags have several more usages? They can help you in the most unexpected ways and situations.

    Most of us know the healing properties of tea, but not many know that previously used tea bags can be useful in many different ways.
    1. Get Rid of Acne

    Acne can manifest for a variety of reasons (click here to learn more) but tea bags will give you relief! Place already used tea bags on the affected area(s). It will help you get rid of acne anywhere on your body. Green tea is a top choice for this use. In fact, this study found a 70% reduction of sebum after 8 weeks of using green tea topically. Excess sebum production is a problem for every acne patient. Sebum is a natural moisturizer that your body secrets. It can cause or aggravate acne when it is overproduced.

    2. Mitigate Sunburns

    If you got a little too much exposure and turned beet red using tea bags topically can give you quick relief. Place …

    Okay, so you've made up your mind and have restored to drinking healthy teas. That’s great – but what’s not so good about all this, is that you’ll now have a whole lot of used tea bags in your garbage bin, which you can otherwise use for many other cool stuff.

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