• Dishonesty Of Cheap Food

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    Fast food is a driving force behind the epidemic of diet-related health conditions, setting our kids up for a lifetime of health problems. Nearly one out of every three  children in the U.S. is now overweight or obese.

    In last night's State of the Union Address, President Obama urged business owners to “give America a raise” and called for a higher minimum wage. These comments no doubt resonated with food service workers around the country, many of whom staged pickets and strikes with the same demands over the course of last year.

    For years, the food movement has driven home the message that cheap food doesn't include the true cost of its production. It doesn't pay for the environmental costs of petroleum-derived fertilizers or pesticides. It doesn't cover the health costs associated with a diet of fast food.

    There's another important cost that's not accounted for: the labor of the people who bring us our food. From the farm workers who pick your fruit to the teller at the burger joint drive-through.

    Yet again and again, issues taken up by the food movement are met with the threat of higher food prices and branded as …

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