• Harmful Chemicals on Hair Dye

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    0hair-dyeThe world of cosmetics are fiercely in competition, products of different brand names are lining up in the market and up for the grabs. Their prices varies on the type of brands you are buying, they also comes in different effect, color, scent and package or container. Although most of these products are being used externally, they can still post a threat. Not so long ago when researchers were able to find out a lips stick that contains led, a toxic chemicals that can destroy the brain of someone who had enough exposure on it.
    There are too many chemicals that are associated with cosmetic products, and some of them are harmful and not fit for human consumption. One of these common chemicals is Toluidine, this particular chemicals had been in used as one of the component for many dyes. There are studies that those who render the service as a hairdresser and often used light colored hair dyes on clients will likely have more chance of getting a cancer-causing compounds in their blood than hairdressers who used the chemicals less often. These studies are proven scientifically and should not be taken lightly. Despite the fact that cosmetic product that has carcinogens is now banned in the European Union, they are still can be found in some hair dye products.

    They measured the levels of eight potentially carcinogenic aromatic amines, to include toluidines, in the blood of 295 female hairdressers, 32 regular users of hair dyes, and 60 people who had not used any of these products in the past 12 months.
    They focused particularly on haemoglobin adducts in the blood as these give a better indication of the long term exposure to carcinogens
    Levels of these aromatic amines varied considerably from 0-200 pg/g blood, but did not differ significantly between the three groups.
    However, among the hairdressers, levels of o- and m-toluidines tended to rise in tandem with the number of weekly permanent light hair colour treatments they applied. A similar trend was seen for perming treatments in respect of o-toluidine levels.
    Hairdressing has been classified as an occupation that carries an increased risk of cancer, based primarily on a higher prevalence of bladder cancer than would be expected for the general population. …

    There are over thousands of chemicals out there that are being used for cosmetic products. Majority of these products are sold every day by the customer mostly female. I believe that the right thing to do especially the government is to create a program that would promote an awareness to the people about the chemicals that could be present in their cosmetic products.

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