• Things You Need To Know About Planks

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    Everyone from athletes to those simply interested in developing core strength to alleviate lower back pain can benefit from incorporating plank exercises into their workouts. The plank can be performed from a front-lying or side-lying position, depending on which muscle groups you’d like to focus on. Always perform a brief dynamic warmup consisting of walking or other light aerobics to prepare your muscles before jumping into plank exercises. Because you’re using your own body weight as resistance, you don’t need any exercise equipment to perform either the front and side planks. An exercise mat may be more comfortable, but all you need is a soft floor surface, which means you can do the exercises nearly anywhere. This also means you can easily incorporate them into a home workout program or simply an exercise to do before you go to bed each night to keep your major core muscles strong.

    Planks have exploded as one of the greatest core workout moves, and for good reason—they’re killer for your abs while also working the rest of your body. If you’re getting a start on your summer swimsuit bod, planks might be your best friend. While improved strength and muscle tone are reason enough to add planks to your workout routine, this move has many other health benefits that often go overlooked. Here are 4 things you should know about planks.

    1. They improve your posture
    Who knew that planks help to improve your posture? (Your mother will be so proud!) Planks work your back, chest, shoulders, and neck in addition to your abs. Strengthening these muscles allows you to keep your shoulders back and your chest high. Planks also develop isometric strength in your core, which helps you stand up straight or sit up straight for long periods of time.
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