• Packing An Eco-Friendly Meal For Kids

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    Prepare a healthier lunch for the kids by making a way to a green meal. Prepare veggies and fruit drinks in a twist. Also containers also places a significant effect too. Here's some tips and ways to make it healthy.

    Packing lunches is part of many parents' weekly routine. And one of the challenges avoiding amount of waste that is left behind. You can teach your child some eco-friendly habits just by taking the time to pack a green lunchbox.

    To start your eco-friendly journey, avoid using paper and plastic bags as they cannot be used every day and also wind up in a landfill. You must first ensure that you use non-disposable, reusable lunch containers. There are a variety of options on the market from plastic, canvas, stainless steel, and recycled materials. Stainless steel lunch boxes are easy to wash, avoid accumulating stains and smells, durable and are lightweight. Some even come in divided compartment. If you choose plastic, which would be a last resort option, choose one that is bpa-free.

    To add to your growing green lunch box, choose cloth napkins and utensils that kids can return home to be …



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