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    broccoli-sproutsStrange may it seem but the air which could be the most important element on earth is the most neglected among the earthly elements that are associate with pollutions. Well, it’s understandable, I mean we don’t see it as much as we see the water or hear it as much as we hear the noises around the metro. Truly the air could come and go and hanging around without us noticing them. When we hear air pollution we don’t go frantic about it, compare to what we really see on TV or in our community when our water system turned black and our ocean or all sorts of bodies of water gives in to harmful elements and the fishes started to die and seeing it with our own eyes would be a heart breaking scene.
    Just so you know, Air pollution can cause so much trouble on your health, it could primarily harm your lungs, it gives you different illnesses, major illnesses. Research have gone to a discovery of air detoxification. Study shows that broccoli sprouts juice can actually be an agent for cleansing, it has been discovered that such beverage can wipeout toxic elements that we accumulate from air pollution.

    Supporting the body
    Diets rich in cruciferous vegetables, of which broccoli is one, have been found to reduce risk of chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer. Broccoli sprouts are a source of glucoraphanin, a compound that generates sulforaphane when the plant is chewed or the beverage swallowed. It acts to increase enzymes that enhance the body’s capacity to expunge these types of the pollutants.
    The 12-week trial included 291 men and women (with an average of of 53) who live in a rural farming community in Jiangsu Province, China, approximately 50 miles north of Shanghai, one of China’s more heavily industrialized regions.
    Participants in the control group drank a beverage made of sterilised water, pineapple and lime juice while the beverage for the treatment group additionally contained a dissolved freeze-dried powder made from broccoli sprouts rich in glucoraphanin and sulforaphane. Urine and blood samples were taken over the course of the trial to measure …

    It is almost impossible for us to avoid these toxins that are around carried by the air. The thing is –we don’t see them and we come off-guard all the time. We are fighting an enemy that we can’t see, the most effective way to protect ourselves from these bad elements is to detoxify, because whether we like it of not, we breathe them every day.

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