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    You've probably seen them. One of the internet's newest fads, their purpose is to show people, “hey, make your life easier by doing this one simple thing you otherwise would never have thought of.” Often, the “hack” uses an ordinary household item in place of what could be a pricey novelty gadget; for instance, using a fork to balance tortilla shells instead of a taco holder.

    You're probably still shivering at the thought of this past winter, but the summer heat is right around the corner and with it comes the dreaded high electric costs of cooling your house.

    What if there was a cheap, easy-to-make alternative to energy-sucking air conditioners?

    The video below shows how to make a non-compressor based air conditioner out of a 5 gallon bucket powered by a small fan.

    Items needed: 
    • 5-gallon bucket with lid
    • Styrofoam liner
    • PVC pipe
    • Small fan,
    • Ice
    • Small solar panel (optional)
    The inventor of this DIY air conditioner says one frozen gallon jug of water will last 6 hours and will blow cooled air in the mid-40F range using very little or no electricity if you add a small solar panel.
    So back to the original question: Does It Work? The 5-gallon air conditioner, while novel in concept, doesn't produce a significant change in room temperature, nor does it warrant replacing a conventional air conditioner with it. You would be better served sitting in front of an average house fan or biting the bullet and springing for the air conditioner.
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