• Whipped Eczema Cream With Soothing Aloe: Do It YourSelf

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    If you have been following me for any length of time you already know I am crazy for coconut oil, that raw coconut oil is great for health & beauty, And oh so many other uses. from rashes to conditioning hair to sunscreen, coconut oil is there. And my whole family loves & uses raw coconut oil.

    If you have any kind & I do mean any kind of skin issue break out the raw coconut oil & use it, from rashes, to hives, to poison ivy, body butter 4eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, calluses, corns, bug bites you name it. But what else do I pull out the coconut oil for, well pink eye, ear aches, cuts, bruises, sunburn, burns, nail fungus, athletes foot, wrinkles, scars, toothache, toothpaste, chapped lips, personal lubricant, massage oil, foot cream, hair pre-conditioner, deodorant(& many more). Great for kids, teens & adults. Use your imagination, use raw coconut oil alone or with other natural items, & Above all try it as body butter!

    I was talking with my sister the other day and she mentioned that her toddler started getting small patches of eczema on her arm.

    Now, what kind of auntie would I be if I didn’t whip up a batch of soothing eczema cream for my sweet baby niece?

    Aloe Vera: A Natural and Healing Wonder 

    Eczema is considered an immune deficiency and requires a cure to work both inside and out. Aloe vera is one of the few natural wonders that has been shown to reduce eczema symptoms both on the skin and in the immune system. In fact, according to MedlinePlus, a service of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, notes, “Some chemicals in aloe gel seem to be able to increase circulation in the tiny blood vessels in the skin, as well as kill bacteria. Together, these effects suggest that Aloe gel …

    Aloe vera can be applied topically to reduce inflammation, swelling, and itching on the skin. I wanted to help soothe my niece’s skin and heal it at the same time. These are the ingredients I used:

    • Shea butter – This natural butter is a superfood for the skin and instantly helps with dry skin, eczema, and skin problems. As well, the deep moisturizing assists in skin regeneration, and possesses skin healing properties.
    • Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil’s similarity to sebum allows it to absorb easily and readily into your skin, making it a gentle, skin-softening moisturizer for all skin types.
    • Calendula oil – This healing oil has traditionally been used to treat an assortment of ailments including: conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eczema, gastritis, minor burns including sunburns, warts, and minor injuries such as sprains and wounds.
    • Aloe vera – Using Aloe vera for eczema is considered to be an effective and natural way to relieve dry and itchy symptoms and help the skin regenerate.
    • Vitamin E – Vitamin E oil promotes healing and is an active ingredient in many products available for skin and nails.

    Whipped Eczema Cream 

    Makes 2 containers

    • 1 lb. pure shea butter
    • 5 tbls. jojoba oil
    • 5 tbls. calendula oil
    • ¼ cup Aloe vera
    • 15 drops lavender essential oil
    • 5-10 drops tea tree essential oil
    • 4 vitamin e capsules
    1. In a large bowl, add all ingredients and blend together using an electric blender.
    2. Using a large spoon, add eczema cream to clean containers.
    3.  Use as needed to relieve symptoms associated with eczema.
    4. To assist in relieving skin irritation, refrigerate cream to keep cool.

    The end result is a rich cream that absorbs perfectly into the skin. Best of all, it smells wonderful! I will keep you all updated on how well the eczema cream works on my niece. In the meantime, whip this easy recipe up and enjoy the healing benefits of Aloe!

    Something to think about. Time to bust out of the cult of everything. It’s not the real world, it’s fabricated, and often with our permission and subservient compliance.

    Stop empowering it. Break out and change the world by being your authentic self. Wisely and lovingly, and with centered conviction. This is the stand we each need to make.

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