• Our Dying Planet: What’s To Blame

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    19d6de069b5494cee9f0008e83a9067fWe have reached a stage now is this earth's history where everything is dying. Our planet is groaning and aching under the burden of sin. The oceans and the air are polluted, and man, in his quest for power and wealth is destroying this world like never before in history. And if you read Revelation 11:18, you will see what God is going to do to those who destroy His beautiful creation.

    What a question even to ask! But – someone, something—perhaps conspiracies—as many are encouraged by the global media to believe – truly have brought the planet and humankind out of mediaeval misery, but equally into profoundly dangerous circumstances. However, not many who, apparently, are responsible for Planet Earth, aka Mother Earth—Gaia, being trashed before our very eyes, either are fessing up or getting their respective or collective recognition, and all while continuing to profit from poisoning our dying planet.

    Every day, commonplace humans who live, work, and try to make ends meet are being blamed for ruining Planet Earth. Why?

    We, the ‘seeming-low-life’ in the elite’s minds, are saddled with being responsible for all the ills that plague the planet, if you listen to the media. Yet, that deflection is nowhere near fact, in this writer’s opinion. My reasoning: Who really is it that, manufacturers, finances, operates, and mainstreams the money-making …

    Neither individuals nor cultures can keep up with the pace of change. Recently I was telling my grandchildren about all the things that didn't exist when I was a girl. I mentioned televisions (in my rural area), cell phones, the Internet, cruise control, texting, computerized toys, laptops, video recorders, headphones for music, and microwaves. We're bombarded by too much information, too many choices, and too much complexity. Our problem-solving abilities and our communication and coping skills haven't evolved quickly enough to sustain us. We find ourselves rushed, stressed, fatigued, and upset.

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