• Nocturnal People Are Likely to Die Early

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    714-680-02430519cDo you guys love the night life? Or you just have no choice but to work on a night shift schedules because your boss wanted you to have that slot, not only that, should this time of the night –you are often associated with a few sickness and illnesses that you wish you can get rid of. People whose lives are anchored on their job at night have manage to adapt and go with the system, however they become vulnerable and are expose to anything, particularly sickness. You would probably developed a sleeping disorder, or your immune system will grow weak over the time.
    Estrange to a healthy lifestyle, your night job will costs you so much concerning your health and wellness. Thou our body can adjust to pretty much a lot conditions, this doesn’t warrant us to abuse it. There are studies recently that linked those night shift workers to be likely associated with different kinds of sicknesses and diseases. There are in fact series of studies that will prove the claim. If this is so, then I believe that we should not take this lightly, as we do have a lot of people who worked at night and might need to know these information.

    Working the overnight shift may dramatically increase your risk for a heart attack, new research suggests.
    Shift work is defined as employment outside of a traditional “9 to 5” daytime schedule, including regular evening or night shifts, rotating or split shifts that can vary in time depending on the day or week and other irregular work schedules.
    For the new research, published online in the British Medical Journal, scientists analyzed results from 34 earlier studies involving more than 2 million people. Out of those, about 17,350 had some sort of heart event with 6,600 having a heart attack and 1,850 having an ischemic stroke, caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.

    A closer look found such heart problems were more common in shift workers: They were 24 percent more likely to experience a coronary event, 23 percent more likely to have a heart attack and 5 percent more likely to suffer a …

    With the kind of society that we have, so demanding about time and deadline, how are we going to avoid these odds. We are now living in a time where “night” is no longer occupied with sleeping people. There are many employees that would even prefer to work at night because they get paid better. I think you should weight things over and try to check if your body can really stand to stay up and work at night or the opposite thing. You will have to judge your body on what to do and what not to do.

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