• Speech and Food Freedom Attacked By “Pink Slime” Producer

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    The controversy over ammonia-treated beef – or what critics dub ‘pink slime’ – broadened this week as it was revealed that the caustic cleaning chemical is also used in cheese. Related compounds are also used in baked goods and chocolate. Ammonia, known for its noxious odor, became a hot topic with the uproar over what the meat industry calls ‘finely textured beef’ and what a former U.S. government scientist first called ‘pink slime’. The meat industry has been trying to raise awareness of other foods that contain ammonia, in response to what it has characterized as an unfair attack on a safe and healthy product.

    Beef Products Inc. is suing ABC News for defamation after the news channel ran a series exposing its sale of “pink slime” filler in ground beef sold to most major retailers and the federal school lunch program.

    BPI claims the negative press tarnished their “good” name and caused them to lose more than a billion dollars in sales. The company has lost 80 percent of its business, closed three out of four of its processing plants, and laid-off hundreds of workers since ABC News first broke the story in March of 2012.

    A former USDA scientist turned whistleblower explained how gray beef scraps – once used only in dog food – are separated from the fat, heated, gassed with ammonia and transformed into “pink slime.” Before ABC broke the news, pink slime – or lean, finely textured beef, as the industry calls it – was used as cheap filler in about …

    Of course, the irony is that on the same day that Beef Products Inc. filed their $1.2 billion lawsuit defending the honor of finely textured ground beef, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi directed the egyptian embassy in Washington DC to take legal action in the US against the producers of ‘Innocence of Islam'. Nobody thinks this lawsuit would have a snowflake's chance in hell.  Least of all President Mohammed Morsi, who earned his engineering PhD at USC and taught at Cal State Northridge for a time. He should know full well that our free speech laws protect every type of offensive and hurtful speech. His lawsuit would be laughed out of the courts. If only the Prophet Mohammed was a fresh produce, then an american court would take his complaint seriously.

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