• Menaced by Panic and Anxiety: common traits

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    Anxiety and panic attacks are becoming more and more persisting cases even dating back years ago, they have become so common and a lot of our folks have been diagnose with these problems. Their occurrences can be very disturbing if it gets worst, Men and Women of different ages are suffering with these conditions. One of the most heart wrecking fact about it is that people who have this problem are people who have determinations to live a happy life –but because they have it; they shudder in the corner.

    There are people, however, anxiety becomes so persisting, and it thrives so intense, that it starts to ruin their lives. Can a person determine if the type anxiety or panic that’s occurring have already crossed the line into a disorder? There is no easy way around. Anxiety comes in different faces—it will occur as panic attacks, phobia, insecurity and a lot more.

    People with anxiety-related problems have shared common sign and symptoms; they have a very high level of “Imagination” (the ability to imagine things vividly). They may suffer from “inconsistency” with their decisions, or “doubtful” in so many things. They will develop negative mind set and tend lack with positive qualities.

    One of the odd of anxiety is the excessive Need for Approval! This will cause low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Their self- worth will depend on what other people say to them, they will always associated with fear of rejection, and take blame/guilt most of the time.

    Make friends with your mind, rather than make it into a villain.

    The truth is, we are always in control, and the best way to step into that power when experiencing panic or anxiety is to make friends with your mind. Realize that it is only playing a role and creating these thoughts to help you face panic/anxiety head on. Remind yourself that this is the same mind that has helped you be creative, get excited, problem solve and do so many other great things in the past, so why not be friends with it now?

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