• Water Is So Good When You’re Thirsty

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    Approximately 70% of our body’s mass is made of water and according to a number of doctors, drinking a total of eight glasses of water a day fulfils the necessary requirement of this liquid our body demands. Water is the only liquid on Earth that safely reduces weight. It removes the by-products of fat and keeps you fresh and healthy. Drinking water regularly, suppresses your appetite to a great extent and limits your food  intake. Another distinct feature of water is that it literally contains no calories, hence, contributing significantly to weight loss.

    When a person is thirsty, a drink of water can be very satisfying, but after the thirst has been quenched, drinking more can be unpleasant. New research reveals the root of these experiences in the brain.

    Researchers scanned the brains of people as they drank water. Brain areas involved in emotional decision-making lit up in the scanner when people drank in response to feeling thirsty, whereas regions involved in controlling movement kicked in when people forced themselves to keep drinking after quenching their thirst.

    These brain circuits probably evolved to prevent people from drinking too much water, resulting in dangerously low sodium levels, the researchers reported today (March 24) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    The instinct for thirst in humans and other animals likely evolved when vertebrates (animals with backbones) colonized land during the Ordovician period, about 400 million years ago. Thirst ensures that creatures maintain a balance of …

    Given that dehydration, “the excessive loss of body fluid” can be a major source of aggravating one’s health, it seems obvious that drinking sufficient water is of utmost importance for a healthy lifestyle. Water determines the effective functioning of the body and a healthier body means a happier life!


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