• Media’s Connivance on Fake Disease Outbreak

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    How often do you spend and watch the news? For most of us, it’s our relaxation time when we get home from work and sometimes stock in front of the television because of how interesting those news flying around these days. The truth is; simple news can be very interesting whenever we hear them –depending on the manner on how it was being reported. An ordinary scenario at your neighborhood could be the next headline of the news. The truth is (At least in my own opinion) the business of reporting is driven by “selling” strategy.

    People over the news if not all the time exaggerate things to lure you to believe on something that is not entirely correct or complete about a certain information or product. These type of business is crucial because viewers can received wrong or malicious information and might end up being deprive from the information the viewers deserve to know.

    Reports have been coming in and out around about deadly viruses and diseases that could affect the children’s health security and would likely result to death if they are not vaccinated. These reports are found to be malicious –giving incorrect data and baseless claims regarding the outbreak.

    Are Parents Being Fooled Into Believing Vaccinations Protect Children?

    Parents have been fooled for many years into believing that by having their children vaccinated, it will protect them against deadly disease.

    In fact, the CDC recommends vaccination, by stating the following information on their website:

    There’s no greater joy than helping your baby grow up healthy and happy. That’s why most parents choose immunization. Giving your baby the recommended immunizations by age two is the best way to protect him from 14 serious diseases, like measles and whooping cough.

    However, this appears not to be the case, because yet another news report which I have chosen for us to examine says the complete and utter opposite. A report published by Wyoming News Source titled Anti-Vaccine Movement Puts Children at Risk stated that parents who refuse to vaccinate are irresponsible and are putting other children’s lives at risk. They stated: It’s important to note that …

    A sound conscience would suggest that media business is not all that devoted to the truth. But in fairness to those media agency who stick to the truth and serve a decent purpose in reporting the truth. However, because of the indecent intention of others, people are now hesitant to subscribe to what they hear on the news. Let this be a lesson to them whose business is just to make money out of reporting bent information without thinking the interest of the viewers they are reporting to.



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