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    Preparing for the worst - real PreppersWe’ve seen it on the movies -catastrophic events –such as; asteroids approaching the earth to crash out humanity, virus attack from everywhere causing men and women to become zombies or the fall of all government bureaucracy on earth and triggers anarchism. These are scenarios that would scare a lot of people and would start thinking about how to prepare from it, there are people however that care less about these stuff, in fact majority of us don’t really pay attention to these scenario, this could only mean, if this event will come to pass –majority of us will likely die.

    If we try to think about what is happening in our planet right now you will realize the possibility or chaos. Mother Nature is continually abused and therefore it will no longer produce good sources of food that people desperately need. In fact in some other countries, food scarcity has already begun. But that is only the other half of the problem we are facing right now, if you watch the news regularly, governments are frantic because of economic meltdown, citizens are no longer secure –losing their jobs and all. The problems are just keep on coming, mounting up every day. Our government is very much dependent on products that are exported from other countries, this made us vulnerable to attack, whether by foreign or domestic threat.

    It is very important to prepare for something that is likely to happen, shocking event doesn’t come with a warning. It often caught us by surprise, and this is the reason why we have more fatalities after any sudden catastrophic. The writer is encouraging the reader to take hid on what is happening around and prepare for the worst. The following are ways to jumpstart your knowledge on how prepare:

    Eight Uncommon Lessons of Preparedness

    1. Skills and stuff are equally important.

    What do I mean by that? Simply that you can have a years’ worth of freeze dried food, six ways to purify water and a well-stocked first aid kit; but if you don’t have the skills to defend yourself, the knowledge to find food in the wild, and the ability to tend to serious wounds, all of the “stuff” you own will be of little use to you following a post-apocalyptic event.

    2. Community organization with like-minded people can and will save lives.

    Unless you live in isolation, the bad guys are going to come around and it may be difficult if not impossible to defend yourself on your own. Not only is there strength in numbers, but members of an organized team will most certainly have a wider variety of skills at their disposal.

    3. Mental discipline and a level head under …

    No matter what kind of belief you have in life regarding where this human civilization is heading, it is always wise to prepare for the worst scenario that could come anytime, even how safe you are sleeping in our room, or how secure you are having enough food, these would still not amount to a sudden catastrophic event. You need to prepare in such way that helps you and your family survive.

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