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    measles_348904661Measles is an infection that is caused by a virus, and it usually occurs during childhood. This virus was very common and feared many years ago, but due to the improvement of the medical research; measles will most likely be prevented with a vaccine. The Signs and symptoms of measles include cough, fever, inflamed eyes, sore throat and runny nose. It can cause death to small children if you are too careless about it. Although death rates went down because of the vaccines, there are still cases of death of more than 100,000 people a year, most of them are below 5 years old.
    According to the experts, measles occurs to children who have poor nourishment. the result is –a weaker immune system. Measles is extremely contagious respiratory disease. It is also called rubeola. There are about one out of 10 children having measles that would get an ear infection and as many as 20 will get pneumonia. There are estimated a thousand of children who get measles, and out of a thousand, one or two will die. Adults that have not vaccinated will likely get the virus. Children under 5 years old and adults over 20 years old have a higher risk for measles complications.

    According to the World Health Organization,
    Severe measles is more likely among poorly nourished young children, especially those with insufficient vitamin A, or whose immune systems have been weakened by HIV/AIDS or other diseases. [..] As high as 10% of measles cases result in death among populations with high levels of malnutrition and a lack of adequate health care. […] More than 95% of measles deaths occur in countries with low per capita incomes and weak health infrastructures. […] Overcrowding in residential camps greatly increases the risk of infection.
    I hate to point out the obvious here, but we do not live in a third world country. But hey, if I walk out my front door in the morning and step onto a dirt road that’s never seen trash service or a sewer system, and is crowded with millions of starving people, I’ll let you know.
    Seriously, applying global statistics of developing countries …

    Vaccines are made to protect us from viruses, however. We have to be mindful about their side effects. Thou they are proven to be effective, there are also reports of adverse effects. That is why we have to make sure our vaccine is safe.

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