• Aspartame –you are sweetly poisoned

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    aspartame-sugar-dunesArtificial sweetener have sprouted all over the country, they were made to at least satisfy the appetite on sweet food for those people who can’t use sugar because of diabetes. Aspartame is being sold under the brand names of Equal® and NutraSweet®, they are made and synthesized together with amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Amino serves as a building blocks of proteins and can be found naturally in different foods, the thing about this sweetener is that it dissolves into a solution, this will therefore travel throughout the body and mixed up in our tissue. Normally, our body will digests them unlike saccharin, which does not dissolve and goes through our system.
    Foods that are associated with this substance are being sold everywhere in the market, in fact they even carry the approval of the FDA, which means those consumers that doesn’t care much about unfamiliar chemicals will just buy the products for as long as they are FDA approved. If this particular ingredient can cause harm to people then why are we allowing them to be sold in the market. It’s sad because there are lots of product that are found in the market today that are more harmful than Aspartame, but there they are being displayed everywhere. Recently Aspartame was linked to be the cause of blindness.

    To understand the sordid realities surrounding the release of aspartame into U.S. food and pharmaceutical use, one has to appreciate that controversy surrounded aspartame almost from its very beginning when the U.S. FDA’s own scientists would not recommend it.
    Probably nothing encapsulates the aspartame ‘pedigree’ more than the article “The Aspartame / NutraSweet Fiasco” written by Attorney James S. Turner, with whom I’ve been in contact since the 1980s. Jim’s work has been at the forefront of preserving healthcare and consumer rights and safety issues since his days as of one Ralph “Naider’s Raiders” [1]. Thank you, Jim, for all your good work over the decades—and you still keep going.
    In his article Attorney Turner stated,
    The FDA then stayed aspartame’s approval. It also contracted, over serious internal objection, with a group of university pathologists (paid by Searle) to review most of the studies, set up a task force to review three studies …

    This is the time of the unknown, we think we know everything, we easily believed what other people are saying, we think know the food that we eat, but the truth is we don’t, we think that what we are drinking is good, but you can’t be too careless with them, maybe they are not as good as you think.

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