• Relentless Debate on GM Foods

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    This ongoinRelentless Debate on GM Foodsg debate between the pros and cons of GM foods has brought confusion to the consumer, studies have been made and concluded that their products are safe for human consumptions free from side effect, however these studies are done in a laboratory inside GM domain, which means those who conducted the research are scientists that are associated with their company. On the other hand, many of the people on the opposite belief have acted well and produce their independent studies about GM products and was able to get a different result from the findings of the GM experts. These two conflicting studies have raised a question about the integrity of both party. However this issue is far from over. Both party have a strong conviction about their individual studies.

    As of the moment, GM products especially their flagship; golden rice have not been fully employ in the market yet, because of the opposing act from people who condemned genetic engineered foods. The reason why this product are not flourishing in the market is because of its integrity regarding safety measure. If only both party (pros and cons) can meet up on the same grounds and agree on something whether or not these products are safe, if it is; then let’s try it, if it’s not; then we’ll disregard it. But until this very day, there’s no agreement yet between them, something that the consumer should worry about. GM is downright dedicated to their works, I give them that, but they can’t put something (product) in the market – if this product has not yet reach the point of its purpose or its completeness then there’s no reason for us to patronize it.

    New information in the updated report includes:

    • A review that is claimed by pro-GMO lobbyists to show that 1,700 studies show GM foods are as safe in fact shows nothing of the sort. Instead many of the 1,700 studies cited show evidence of risk. The review also excludes or glosses over important scientific controversies over GMO safety issues. (p. 102)

    • A review purportedly showing that GM foods are safe on the basis of long-term animal studies in fact shows evidence of risk and uses unscientific double standards to reach a conclusion that is not justified by the data. (p. 161)

    • A laboratory study in human cells shows that very low levels of glyphosate (the main chemical ingredient of Roundup herbicide, which most GM crops are engineered to tolerate) mimicked the hormone estrogen and stimulated the growth of breast cancer cells. The level of glyphosate that had this effect was below …

    If the evidences and studies showing high risk of using GM products to the body is overwhelming, then we should pay more attention to it and take them as a basis not to use them, however studies on this matter is still going on, something we hope it brings a positive result on their products, after all GM’s intention is to elevate human lives through their products.

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