• Improve Your Mood With 3 Best Summertime Foods

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    Every season brings its unique tastes and traditional recipes. When the mercury starts to approach the red line, these hot season favorites will be a hit around the pool, out on the patio or under a beach umbrella. A couple of these great dishes and a cool breeze is all you need to make a hot, lazy day just about perfect. Here are our picks for the coolest foods to enjoy during the dog days of summer.

    When’s the last time you bought a watermelon in the winter? I know I can’t answer that question, but I’ll tell you what: ever since summer hit, it’s been a regular part of my diet. There are some foods that just taste better in the summer. And whether it has to do with availability or just a familiar hot weather flavor, there are a number of foods that are simply more abundant in the summer months. More importantly, some of these summertime foods can actually help you out in the mood department.

    Although depression and poor mood can be more common during the winter months, they can still creep up on you in the summer. There are various things that can get a person down in the summer. With all of the parties, events, and travel plans, it can be expensive or for …

    Whatever the reasons are, you don’t have to let summer get you down. Let’s look at three summertime foods in particular that can help improve your mood—and overall health. I want you to consider including these options in your diet if you find yourself feeling a little down during the long summer days.

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