• Distrust Leads To a Higher Risk of Dementia

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    dementiacommunicationAny ill feelings that you have towards anyone seem to have a negative effect on you, you get mad with someone and your day will start to fall, when you start to hate somebody you become uncomfortable whenever that person is around, and after the nerves have cool down stress comes next and at the end of the day you gain nothing but sickness. Human mind is so powerful that it can regulate pain, literally pain in the body. It can alter what the body is supposed to react on a certain situation, and sometimes it will determine your health.
    The mind has a greater effect on your body, in fact it can influence your whole life in terms of your emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your whole being. According to a famous philosopher, “He who controls his mind, controls everything” this is somewhat true to our health. Those who can’t control themselves are the ones who will likely be associated with different illnesses. Recent study shows that Cynicism or an ill feeling of distrust could add up to the cause to dementia.

    Cynical Distrust Associated with Increased Risk of Dementia
    Older people with high levels of cynical distrust had a more than 2.5 times greater risk of developing dementia than those with low levels.1 Cynical distrust is described as believing that most people are self-interested and out for themselves as opposed to looking out for the community and others.
    Some experts describe it as a form of chronic anger.2 The finding adds to growing research showing that negative emotions, and cynicism in particular, may lead to poor health. It's dangerous in a number of ways.

    For instance, cynical people are more likely to smoke and gain excess weight, and less likely to exercise. They also struggle more with stress and have higher levels of chronic inflammation, which is linked to chronic diseases including dementia. For instance, research has shown:
    Women with cynical, hostile attitudes are more likely to die prematurely and have higher rates of death …

    Emotions are installed inside of us for a reason, these traits have define the very basic mark of being human, there’s nothing wrong with having these quality of attitude, you need not to deprive yourself from these instinct. However, too much of them will lead you to something bad, it can be seen in your body, stress and sicknesses definitely possible.

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