• Ways To Cook With Food Scraps

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    A healthy homemade meal can also mean a sink full of food scraps to deal with. Sure, you can compost these leftover bits and pieces. But if you live in the city, don’t have a compost pile or are just looking for something else to do with your food scraps, this is your lucky day.

    You probably see citrus or apple peels and watermelon rinds as fodder for your compost, but you can actually get quite a bit of extra mileage out of your food scraps. We spend so much money on healthy, organic produce for our kitchens, and these food scrap reuses help you stretch your food budget by making using seemingly-inedible food scraps to make delicious food and drinks!

    14 Ways to Cook with Food Scraps

    1. Cook up Kale Stems – So many kale recipe call for removing the stems, but they’re totally edible and nutritious.

    2. Apple Peel Jelly – Not into your house smelling like apples? Apple peels contain natural pectin, which makes them perfect for making jelly from scratch.

    3. Apple Peel Tea – Got more apple peels than you can handle? Turn some of those leftovers into a comforting cup of tea.

    4. Make Apple Cider Vinegar – I know! I should have called this article “wonderful uses for apple peels and other …

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