• Grocery Habits You Have To Get Rid Off

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    Most of us if not all, take advantage of the accessibility we enjoy whenever we’re inside a grocery store or in a supermarket, we can pretty much find everything in there, it’s a one stop shop they say. In fact, people who are living in the urban side would prefer to shop at the supermarket rather than in a regular city market which is not that clean, doesn’t smell good and a bit messy. The thing about supermarket is it’s organize, clean, smell’s good, enjoyable and accessible. By this I meant you can pretty much buy items you need, from you kitchen to your living room, bathroom and more.

    The attention of consumers towards buying a certain product, for example –is no longer base on the basic principle of buying, which is “buy it because you needed it” whenever you get to the supermarket you end up buying those things you don’t need, it entices you to buy this and that because it is there. A huge percentage of food in the grocery or supermarket is processed food. Canned goods, chips, beverages, and they’re all have healthy labeled. But still have preservative traits so that they will remain marketable even if it stays on display for the longest time.

    Fruits and Vegetable you say? Well, yes of course you can find it in there (supermarket) and yes, they are still healthy, but the type of “healthy food” which is already sub-standard, chemical motivated types of fruits to stay preserved and good looking. This is reality; you can’t find good food inside your beloved Comfort zone market. You can stay and remain attach to an unhealthy relationship with your diet coming from your nearby grocery store or you can try an alternative place to invest in wellness with real good food.

    What will you eat if you give up the grocery store?

    Your menus are going to change, and for the better. For a starting point, look at ancestral diets.

    “Paleo” and “Primal” are two buzzwords in the nutrition and weight loss community that have some excellent potential for those seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle. So what are these plans, exactly?

    The Paleo diet focuses on anything you might “find” as a hunter/gatherer: meat, fish, nuts, greens, local veggies, fruits, and seeds.

    The Primal diet extends the above to include regular consumption of healthy fats, particularly eggs, dairy, and healthy oils.

    In our household, as we’ve become more intent on producing our own food, we’ve naturally fallen into more of a primal diet lifestyle. While I’m not necessarily recommending strict adherence to a “diet” or a set of “rules”, what I am suggesting is that you change your family lifestyle to revolve around foods that can …

    We are always challenged to change and embrace innovation, from the car we drive home, to the food we eat on our dining table. Everything is evolving, but let us not sacrifice what is right, what is healthy so that we will remain in good shape through proper diet, coming from proper food production.

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