• Diets That Want Us To Hate Food

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    Everyone's food preferences are different, of course, but there are some distastes that, if not universal, at least have a pretty wide following.

    We at HuffPost Taste understand the need to consciously eat healthy — especially since downing 15 different kinds of hot dogsin under an hour is just part of a day's work for us. That's why we make sure to eat ourleafy greens, and do our best to only eat one dessert a day. But there's a point where healthy eating goes too far, and that's when they turn into crash diets.

    We're not one to judge a person for wanting to lose 14 pounds in one week — to each their own. But what we do have a problem with is how some of these crash diets are ruining perfectly good foods. What did grapefruit ever do to deserve being used as a fat-burner instead of an enjoyable breakfast? Check out the seven crash diets and their crimes and promise us that if you choose to prescribe to one of them, you …




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