• Drive Disease Statistics And Destroy Communities: GMO’s And CAFO’s

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    The US boasted nearly 92 million acres of corn crops in 2014 – the fifth largest corn acreage in the US since 1944 (and 93 percent of it is genetically modified). For comparison, total acreage of lettuce planted in 2012 was 267,100 acres,2 broccoli was harvested from just 121,700 acres,3 and bell peppers were grown on about 55,500 acres.

    What could the US possibly do with that much corn? It’s far too much for making corn on the cob and popcorn, and even for feeding livestock (although the latter is still a major use for US-grown corn). The number one use for corn from 2010-2012 was actually not for food at all, but rather for fuel. The US green energy policy requires oil companies to blend corn ethanol into their gasoline, which has driven up corn prices (until this year). An absolutely tragic environmental blunder. Corn crops are already subsidized by the US government, so between subsidies and rising ethanol-driven prices, corn has become quite a cash crop for farmers. But this “green energy” program is backfiring, because there’s nothing “green” about planting an absolutely unnecessary surplus of corn, especially when natural prairies are being sacrificed.

    Genetically engineered (GE) crops and confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) go hand-in-hand, and they are not only driving disease statistics into the stratosphere; they’re also destroying communities.

    The promises to contain the waste, disease, and infections that these factory farms create are nothing but wishful thinking. In reality, the toxic waste cannot be contained.

    In a very real sense, we’re committing suicide by way of our unsustainable, polluting, degenerative food and agriculture system—a system that is subsidized and paid for by US tax payers, through severely broken federal policies.

    How CAFOs Destroy Communities

    On November 25, the Associated Press reported that Missouri approved a new hog-breeding operation near Kingdom City in central Missouri. The farm will be permitted to raise as many as 10,000 hogs on 20 acres.

    Neighbors and environmental activists have filed a petition to appeal the permit, on the grounds that inadequate waste management may affect property value and quality of life for …

    Hereditarily designed (GE) trims and limited creature bolstering operations (Cafos) go as one, and they are not just driving ailment insights into the stratosphere; they're additionally crushing groups. The guarantees to contain the waste, ailment, and contaminations that these plant homesteads make are only starry-eyed considering. Truly, the lethal waste can't be contained. In a genuine sense, we're conferring suicide by method for our unsustainable, dirtying, degenerative sustenance and farming framework a framework that is financed and paid for by US impose payers,1 through extremely broken government arrangements.

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