• White Bread Equips You With Good Bacteria

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    homemade white breadEvery time we hear the word bacteria, we suddenly conclude its harmful, well, just to let you know; there are different types of bacteria and not all of them are bad. There are in fact good bacterias that inhabit the human body, they are so much important to us because when their population in our body have declined, we become defenseless to disease. A sound advice would be -to maintain a good balance of diet with good microbes . Here is how it works: If your so called ‘good’ bacteria levels declined, you are at increased risk of any disease. On an experiment, researchers were able to asked 38 healthy adults questions about their diets and assist themselves about which bacteria were present in their stool samples. They discovered that pectin, a compound found in citrus fruits, eliminates these helpful bacteria, and this is contrary to previous findings.
    Moreover, they were surprised to discover that white bread increases Lactobacillus, these are groups of beneficial bacteria that are found in the body. Wholegrain foods are highly recommended to have been a contributory factor to the increased of ‘good’ bacteria levels, because of their high fibre content. The latest finding was –The consumption of refined grains – such as in white bread and white rice – would give out a good amount of good bacteria in our body.

    Unexpected findings
    To do so, they conducted a small pilot study where they asked 38 healthy adults questions about their diets and analysed which bacteria were present in the participants’ stool samples.
    Their analysis revealed that pectin, a compound in citrus fruits, lowers the levels of two types of helpful bacteria: Blautia coccoides and Clostridium leptum. This is contrary to previous research on pectin alone. The researchers suggest that pectin interacts with other substances in oranges, leading to this unexpected effect. Their most novel finding, they said, was that white bread which provides useful levels of hemicellulose and resistant starch, boosted Lactobacillus, a group of beneficial bacteria.
    This type of bacteria is good for warding off sicknesses such as the flu, diarrhoea, and other related health problems.
    Just like sugar?
    This doesn’t mean, however, that commercially produced white bread gets a clean bill of health. Another recent Spanish study presented at the European Congress on …

    Stretch out you diet on white bread, this type of bread is generous and abundant with good bacteria, this will bacteria will keep you from being sick.

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