• Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products

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    Think you’re too busy, too poor, or too picky? Try an experiment of preparing more fresh, pure foods for just a week or two. Keep track of how much you spend and how healthy you feel, and notice the difference—it just might be profound enough to convince you that real foods are the way to go.

    Children need real food, not food products. They need to be taught how to eat properly from a young age. That is the indisputable responsibility of parents, except that many parents listen instead to the insidious whispers of food corporations, telling them what’s appropriate for kids to eat. Parents then buy the processed food products sold by these companies, with their grandiose promises of nutrition, and end up causing long-term damage that extends well beyond the ten seconds it takes for a kid to wolf down a plastic-wrapped snack.

    Author Jeannie Marshall believes we are facing a serious nutritional and social crisis the world over. In her excellent new book, “Outside the Box: Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products,” she explores the numerous effects that processed food has on individuals and society. From her vantage point in Rome, where she has lived for the past twelve years, Marshall …

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