• Feeding Your Family Well: Anyone Can Do It!

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    Do you find it easy to make excuses and avoid cooking great-tasting, wholesome and healthy meals? Maureen has some excellent advice that will get anyone cooking healthy!

    People by and large buy into two false notions: that good food is too expensive, and too time consuming to prepare.

    First, preparing nutritious, tasty food does not necessarily require endless hours in the kitchen. It just takes planning.

    To be successful, you must plan to have a variety of basic foods on hand at all times. Ingredients such as bones to make stock; unprocessed whole milk, ground meats and quality cheeses from grass-based farms; onions, garlic, celery and herbs; a few fresh vegetables, in season. Add to that butter, quality extra virgin olive oil, lard or tallow, and coconut oil. And don’t forget unrefined salt such as Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salts. With these basic ingredients much can be accomplished!

    My family’s meals are usually fairly simple and made in quantity. For instance, last weekend I made a huge …

    Maureen of Mama's Follies, where this article first appeared, is first and foremost wife to a wonderful man and mom to 9 beautiful children. She is also a Weston A Price Foundation chapter leader and educator, Real Food Foodie, and lover of all things good. Especially butter. And cream. More butter. More Cream. And did I mention, butter?!


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