• Beyond Lack Of Pridefulness: Cultivating Humility

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    Humility starts from a position of dignity, strength and a healthy sense of your own worth and abilities. A greatness that is rarely demonstrated, and a topic that can be redefined as a great pursuit to improve your relationships, reduce stress & increase happiness both at home and in the workplace.

    The Power of Humility takes you from being impoverished emotionally and spiritually, to invisible wealth; serenity and peace. You must have humility in order to grow, change, heal and help others.

    Before Charlotte the spider spelled the word “humble” in her web to describe Wilbur the pig, she told Templeton the rat that the word meant “not proud.”

    That’s probably what most people say if you put them on the spot. But, according to a new study, with seasonal overtones,  if you give them time to think about it deeply, other themes emerge that have a lot to do with learning.

    And these intellectual dimensions of humility describe the spider as well or better than the pig.

    “Wilbur has many of the dimensions of humility in general: regard for others, not thinking too highly of himself — but highly enough,” said Peter Samuelson, the lead study author. “Charlotte shows some of the unique aspects of intellectual humility: curiosity, love of learning, willingness to learn from others.”

    “This is more of a bottom-up approach, what do real people think about humility, what are the lay conceptions …

    “Humility” is generally defined as the quality of being modest or lacking in pretense. This seems to contradict the perception that leaders need to be bold. However, one needs to understand that it doesn’t mean a leader should be meek or timid. It simply points toward the fact that humble leaders not only knows what they are capable of, but also attempts to seek the help of others. They understand that everything is not about them — it's the team that matters.

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