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    Avocados provide a number of practical and medicinal uses in addition to being a highly nutritious component of a healthy diet. Avocado skins offer antibiotic and antiparasitic benefits, and the leaves can be made into a poultice to speed wound healing or prepared as a tea to treat sore throats and diarrhea, according to Purdue University. Avocado seeds also offer a range of potential health benefits.

    Avocado seeds have more antioxidants than most fruits and veggies and contain polyphenols similar to those found in green tea. They are full of more soluble fiber than most foods, which aids in digestion and circulation. In South America, avocado seeds are used to treat dysentery and other GI tract problems.

    The seeds contain lots of phenolic compounds that can prevent bacterial and viral diseases as well as gastric ulcers.

    Eating the seeds may also aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and strokes. Avocado seed lowered cholesterol levels and may protect against arterial plaque formation, according to a study published in the March 2012 journal Plant Foods in Human Nutrition. Researchers credited the seed’s high content of dietary fiber in lowering cholesterol levels by binding to cholesterol in the intestinal tract and preventing absorption.

    Antioxidant activity of avocado seed might also stop cardiovascular disease by preventing lipid oxidation, a process that leads …

    Grind the pit into a find powder using a very powerful food processor. The pit is very dense and hard and can damage a weaker food processor. It should have very sharp blades and be contained completely.The seeds can also be dried in a plastic bag. Once dried, crush them with a hammer and grind in a heavy duty blender. The seeds can also be sliced and roasted in the oven. Avocado seeds are bitter, so the best way to eat them is to add them to smoothies or juices.

    Seeds have also been found to possess insecticidal, fungicidal, and anti-microbial activities. The avocado seeds and rich in phenolic compounds, and these may play a role in the putative health effects. Historically, extracts of avocado seeds were also used as ink for writing and research in our laboratory has explored the potential colorant properties of a polyphenol oxidase-produced colored avocado seed extract. Here, we review the currently-available data on the bioactivity and other functional properties of avocado seeds. We discuss the strength of the available data, the putative active compounds, and potential directions for future studies.

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