• High levels of Roundup found in your favorite Food

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    Genetic engineered food is pretty much on the hot sit these days, from whatever product they release to the reports we are getting about the possible side effects cause by their laboratory made products. Seems like this issue is not going away soon. Recent studies show that high levels of roundup were found in food, roundup products are products associated with medicines made in the laboratory, and these are food mixed with chemicals that are not fit for human consumption. The question is; how did these products get in our food without the FDA noticing it. How did they get in the market in the first place, if indeed they are harmful? We can discuss about the disadvantages we get from them and it will take too much of our time -if we’ll to that. Thou many of these products are already sold around the world, we can always investigate before we buy a specific product to avoid them.

    If you are truly dedicated to live a healthy life, you will not hesitated to investigate everything that you consumed, our government is a failure, when it comes to finding out toxic elements in the food that food companies are disseminated around. It is not the government (appropriate agency) who always discovers anomalies in food production but it’s the private people. The truth is; we have no idea have we been eating unhealthy foods, we have no idea either if the food we are eating at the moment is even healthy, I mean, we’ve been cheated by a lot of products telling us to buy these and that but end up getting sick. And worst because nobody goes to jail because of these irresponsible act. It’s the people who will suffer, it’s the consumer who will get the side effects.

    Toxicity of Roundup Has Been Vastly Underestimated

    The Norwegian researchers also point out that the potential toxicity of Roundup has likely been vastly underestimated, as toxicity cannot be attributed solely to the active ingredient, glyphosate.

    “When regulatory agencies assess pesticides for safety they invariably test only the claimed active ingredient. Nevertheless, these do not necessarily represent realistic conditions since in practice it is the full, formulated herbicide (there are many Roundup formulations) that is used in the field. Thus, it is relevant to consider, not only the active ingredient, in this case glyphosate and its breakdown product AMPA, but also the other compounds present in the herbicide formulation since these enhance toxicity,” they write.10

    So, when you see “inert” or “inactive ingredients” listed on the label of a pesticide or herbicide, please understand that all this means is that those ingredients will not harm pests or weeds. This is how federal law classifies …

    Overwhelming reviews and studies are being tackled right now, to point out the effects of this products and how the public can get rid of them, but despite these efforts form people responsible for these products stand by what they believe to have created. In the end it’s the consumer who will choose what to eat.

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