• Reduced Male Fertility Linked To Exposure To Aluminium

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    In addition to medical complications that can affect male infertility, certain environmental factors can limit or weaken a man’s sperm, including radiation, exposing testicles to heat, industrial chemicals, and heavy metal exposure. A recent study conducted by researchers from Keele University in England and Saint-Etienne in France has revealed that men exposed to aluminum have markedly lower sperm count and a lower chance of being fertile.

    New research from scientists in the UK and France suggests that human exposure to aluminium may be a significant factor in falling sperm counts and reduced male fertility.

    Fluorescence microscopy using an aluminium-specific stain confirmed the presence of aluminium in semen and showed aluminium inside individual sperm.

    And the team of scientists, at the universities of Lyon and Saint-Etienne in France and Keele in the UK, found that the higher the aluminium, the lower sperm count.

    The research, led by Professor Christopher Exley, a leading authority on human exposure to aluminium at Keele, and Professor Michele Cottier, a specialist in cytology and histology at Saint-Etienne, measured the aluminium content of semen from 62 donors at a French clinic.

    Professor Exley said: “There has been a significant decline in male fertility, including sperm count, throughout the developed world over the past several decades and previous research has linked this to environmental factors such as endocrine …

    Concentrations of heavy metal can be found in a variety of unexpected sources that men are exposed to every day. Sources include food, water, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and traces can even be found in the air. To help avoid over exposure to heavy metals, men should consider switching cleaning products and personal care items to chemical-free options and adding organic foods to their diet. They should also swap plastic water bottles for BPA-free plastic or glass.

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