• Pharmaceutical Companies Are Sued For Inciting Epidemic, As Painkiller Addiction And Overdoses Continue To Rise

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    Painkillers are drugs that help to reduce pain. When we talk about painkillers, we're usually referring to a group of drugs called analgesics. But there are many other drugs that have pain-relieving properties.

    Many people worry that taking narcotic painkillers will lead to addiction. If your doctor prescribed medication to treat your pain and you take it as directed, you shouldn't have a problem.

    Pain, regardless of cause, is among the most common of health ailments. Unfortunately, Americans in particular are succumbing to drug addiction in record numbers as a result of short-sighted and financially-driven drug marketing.

    Prescription Rates Vary Widely by State

    Prescription rates vary widely from state to state, however. The most recent data by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly illustrates these discrepancies. As reported by Forbes:

    “Alabama tops the list of painkiller prescriptions, with 143 prescriptions for every 100 people. This startlingly high number is three times the amount in the lowest prescribing state, Hawaii.

    The numbers don't look so encouraging, especially since overdose from prescription drugs continues to be a huge problem in the country. Luckily, though, when prescribing regulations tighten as they have in Florida, the death rate does seem to respond in kind.”

    Front Groups Are Used to Deceive You

    Interestingly, a 2011 Journal Sentinel/MedPage Today investigation discovered …

    Using pain killers and other drugs can lead to abuse, addiction, serious health problems, and even death. Drugs that are legal – prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications – can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs.

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