• Your Ego Is Destroying Your Productivity

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    First, what is ego? There are many different definitions, so to clarify. It does not mean that ego is your self, otherwise killing ego would be killing yourself, a terrible misunderstanding. Instead, it is an illusory concept of self, inflated beyond reality. In this sense, killing your ego gets you in tune with reality. Sounds good, but there’s a catch. Wouldn’t that make you depressed? If ego protects you from the truth you don’t want to know about yourself, doesn’t destruction of ego open you up to depressing truths? Well, that depends. The only reason those truths are unwanted in the first place is because we are attached to the notion they are true. Having your sense of self popped is depressing for anyone. However, being ego-less, or having a more accurate sense of self,  entails minimized chance for disappointment.

    Plus more of today's top health and science headlines.

    Ego-tripping makes you bad at your job.

    Is humility the key to productivity and success? A research team from the University of Milwaukee found that people who had their egos artificially inflated through thought experiments (they were told to imagine themselves being lifted up a skyscraper in a glass elevator) performed much worse on challenges assigned to them by the researchers than those who didn’t get any extra moral support. Turns out we tend to work much harder when we’re unsure of ourselves, instead of floating on a flimsy cloud of confidence.

    Vitamin E and C supplements kill your training progress.

    While vitamins C and E are known to be crucial immune-system boosters, a new study shows that packing in extra doses might actually hinder training. Athletes in the study who upped their vitamins E and C intake had a harder time developing their muscular …



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