• Don’t Stress For Seasonal Allergy Relief

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    If you suffer with allergy symptoms, you know all about the stress of having a chronic condition. Not only is it difficult to breathe with allergy symptoms, but poor sleep can lead to fatigue and problems concentrating. Allergy medicines can cause appetite changes, low energy, and even irritability. All you want is relief: from the stress, the symptoms, all of it.

    Natural Health News – Stress doesn’t cause allergies, but easing your mind might mean less allergy flare-ups this spring.

    According to a study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, allergy sufferers with persistent stress are more prone to allergy flares.

    “Stress can cause several negative effects on the body, including causing more symptoms for allergy sufferers,” said allergist Amber Patterson, MD, lead study author.

    “Our study also found those with more frequent allergy flares also have a greater negative mood, which may be leading to these flares.”

    Researchers from The Ohio State University analysed 179 patients for 12 weeks. Among these 39% had more than one allergy flare. This group also had higher stress than the group without allergy symptoms. In the stressed-out group 64% experienced more than four flares over two, 14 day periods.

    While there were no significant links between allergy flares and stress on the same day, a …

    Stress is your body's response to situations, inside and out, which interfere with the normal balance in your life. Virtually all of the body's systems — digestive, cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system — make adjustments in response to stress. When you're all stressed out, your body releases hormones and other chemicals, including histamine, the powerful chemical that leads to allergy symptoms. While stress doesn't actually cause allergies, it can make an allergic reaction worse by increasing the histamine in your bloodstream.

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