• Why You Should Be Glad You’re Type B

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    Type B personality is characterized by a more relaxed demeanor, more flexibility, a laid back attitude and is emotionally expressive. In other words, the Type A lives life “faster” than Type B.  If you are wondering which one you are you can take this test to find out.  In order to understand why the Type B personality is better for developing rapport and what the repercussions of that let’s first take a closer look at the two types.

    Type As get all the attention. Don't believe it? Answer the following questions:

      • If you wanted to describe the opposite of Tracy Flick, what movie character would you choose?
      • What is someone more likely to humblebrag about: His hyper-organized to-do list or his messy desk?
    • If you were describing yourself to an employer, would you feel equally comfortable describing yourself as type A and type B?

    We love reading about type A characteristics, we admire type A people and frankly, we don't know a lot about being type B.

    A/B type, the 1950s-era personality theory that describes these opposing characteristics, gives short shrift to the more B-ish among us. Introverts and extroverts both get their days in the sun and among the diverse Myers-Briggs permutations, there is no supreme personality trait. But when it comes to type A and type B, it is simply more acceptable to cop to being an A: a hard-charging go-getter who gets stuff done. The implication …

    Though it has been widely controversial in the scientific and medical communities since its publication, the theory has nonetheless persisted, both in the form of pop psychology and in the general lexicon, as a way to describe one’s personality.



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