• Harmful Glyphosate Herbicides: U.S. Hospitals Expose Critically Ill Children

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    Glyphosate is a chemical that is used to make Monsanto’s chemical herbicide Roundup. Roundup is used to kill weeds and unwanted grass in crops and gardens. It is commonly used by farmers and big corporations to keep weeds away from their crops and plants. You wouldn’t think it would be found in the feeding tubes in hospitals.

    In a new round of testing commissioned by Moms Across America, the world’s number one herbicide, glyphosate, has been discovered in PediaSure Enteral Nutritional Drink, which is widely used by hospitals in the U.S. for children who are in need of nutrition in intensive care.

    Moms Across America Founder Zen Honeycutt stated Monday; “It is appalling that our health care providers have been led to believe this feeding liquid is safe. Our children and loved ones believe that our health institutions are supporting their immune system and recovery, instead they are being fed a liquid which contains a herbicide that could be seriously damaging their health.”

    The PediaSure Enteral Nutritional Drink tested contains GM maize (GM corn syrup) and GM soya, both of which are sprayed with glyphosate-based herbicides (these include Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ herbicide), during the growing season and at harvest as a drying agent.

    Abbott Nutrition, the manufacturer of the …

    Feeding tubes are inserted into patients stomachs who can not receive or absorb the nutrients from the foods they eat. Children are given Pediasure through feeding tubes, so they get the nutrients they need, but can’t eat or absorb. Pediasure is made with GM corn syrup, soy and sugar. When the ingredients grow in the fields, they are sprayed with glyphosate to keeps weeds away and then residue is left on the crops after processing them to make Pediasure.

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