• You Got Fire!: Got Chocolate? A Can?

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    If you find yourself out in the cold wilderness without matches or a lighter, you can still start a fire. Or you can impress your friends with this little trick.

    Do you have some chocolate? An aluminum can? Cloth? Tinder and wood? Throw in some sunlight and you got fire!

    It doesn't seem that this would be your best bet to start fire in a survival situation – but that's what this video is about – survival.

    What to do when all else fails and you have few resources.

    It's simple enough and it's always good to have more than one way to start a fire if needed.

    Rub the chocolate on the bottom of the can, like rubbing butter on a baking dish. Use the cloth to polish the bottom of the can. Repeat until it's shiny like a mirror. Use reflection from the sun to aim at good, dry tinder. Until….fire!

    Note: It's interesting that they provide a warning not to eat the chocolate because it's been rubbed on the aluminum can – but it's commonly accepted to continually drink beverages out of them??

    Do not eat the chocolate after it’s been in contact with the aluminum — the residue may be toxic.
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