• Seed Moringa Trees Can Be Used To Purify Waters

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    Moringa Oleifera is a simple leaf with plenty of essential nutrients and vital substance that can help the human body to boost it's well being. It will meet all your nutritional needs, take care of you medicinally, and purify your water for you.

    Seeds from Moringa oleifera trees can be used to purify water. Uppsala University leads a research group which has discovered that seed material can give a more efficient purification process than conventional synthetic materials in use today.

    Clean water is essential for good health. In many countries it is still difficult to obtain clean water. Even developed countries can benefit from a process that treats waste water without addition of further synthetic chemicals.

    In a project lead by Uppsala University, scientists from several countries have investigated how an extract from seeds of Moringa trees can be used to purify water. A protein in the seeds binds to impurities causing them to aggregate so that the clusters can be separated from the water.

    The new study compares protein from the seeds of different varieties ofMoringa trees that are grown in different countries. It also allows estimates …



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