• Eliminate Toxic Products From Your Home

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    The Environmental Working Group created this Healthy Home Checklist for you to use as you walk through your home — and open your bathroom cabinet, look under your sink, and check those laundry supplies. It's an easy, hands-on way to create a less toxic environment for your family. When you're done, you'll breathe easier (literally!) knowing that you've tackled the toxics that matter most in your home.

    Considering that nowadays we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, it is extremely important to keep this air clean. You can invest in an air purifier, and other products that are supposed to clean the air inside of our homes – or you can let the air flow through your house as often as possible. If you can, go as natural and simple as possible when choosing cleaning products. Here are 6 of the most important toxic products to eliminate from your home:

    1. Anything That Is Made With PVC Or Vinyl

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is the plastic type substance that is often found in shower curtains, food packaging, lunch boxes, backpacks, children’s toys, vinyl flooring and many other building materials. This substance is toxic and is a known and labeled carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This is probably why it is banned in at least 14 …

    Simple changes in our everyday routines can reduce our long-term exposures to low levels of potentially harmful substances—changes in how we choose the products we buy, or the ways we clean our houses and take care of the yard. These changes will not only make our homes safer, they may also save us money. Until recently, indoor air pollution has been largely ignored as a source of exposure to toxicity. But studies have shown that levels of harmful chemicals in indoor air may exceed the standards set by the EPA to protect us from harmful chemicals. You can avoid such levels in your home by buying and using products that are free of toxic chemicals whenever possible.Consider these helpful ideas for reducing toxic exposures in your home.

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