• Nature To Solve Nature’s Problems

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    Using natural poultry feed has follow-on benefits. For example, when chickens scratch through a compost pile searching for insects, worms, and other food they turn the compost, helping it mature more quickly.

    Daniel Salatin, the son of popular Polyface Farms' Joel Salatin, has combined animals to maximize space and uses “nature to solve nature's problems.”

    A fascinating new mini-film by Kristin Canty, who brought us Farmaggedon:

    From the filmmaker, Kristin Canty:

    I adore Joel Salatin and love the fact that he has been such an outspoken advocate for farmers and farmers’ rights. There is, however, a completely unsung hero living on the same farm and with the same last name: Joel’s son, Daniel. I met so many farmers doing very interesting things while I was filming and screening Farmageddon, and I vowed to go back and film as many of them as I could. Warning: This film may not be for people that love bunnies. I think that what Daniel Salatin has done at Polyface with the Rackin’ House is a great model for a beginning farmer who may …

    The resulting leaves are perfect for mulching my tomato plants and help to suppress weed growth at the same time.  Comfrey really is nature’s answer to fertilizer for organic gardeners and best of all it is free – the perfect plant supplement you can grow yourself.

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