• Yoga Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

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    Diabetes rates have been steadily rising over the past decades, and it is estimated that 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 will develop the debilitating condition. Despite increasing awareness of how to prevent diabetes, the prevalence of this serious condition continues to rise. Fortunately, new approaches to health are proving effective in reducing diabetes causes.

    Natural Health News — If you are a woman the chance of developing type-2 diabetes can be  cut significantly with just three and a half hours of exercise a week. But the type of exercise matters.

    It has long been known that aerobic exercise on its own can prevent type-2 diabetes. Likewise muscle-strengthening alone or in combination with aerobic exercise improves diabetic control among those with diabetes. In particular, studies show that men who weight train have been found to have an associated reduced risk of developing diabetes.

    What is less well established is whether such an association also exists for women.Writing in the journal PLOS Medicine, Harvard researchers attempted to find out.

    They looked at a large population 99,316 of healthy women, drawn from two 8-year long studies: the Nurses’ Health Study ([NHS] 2000-2008) and Nurses’ Health Study II ([NHSII] 2001-2009).

    The goal was to determine whether their weekly time spent performing …

    This is wonderful news for anyone who has experienced or had a loved one diagnosed with the pre-indicators of diabetes. If a single, 8-day regimen of yoga postures for diabetes can provide significant improvements, adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes yoga could keep both condition safely at bay.


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