• Ramping Up The Amount You Harvest: Food Security

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    Food security is what we do every day: moving foodstuffs from areas of surplus to areas of deficit. Be that geographically, across borders, across the ocean; be that in time, from harvest to the end of the season; or be that in form, transforming agricultural products to animal food or foodstuffs that other animals or humans will consume.  As Cargill does that, we advocate for policies and practices to help ensure that the world can feed itself. We work with NGO partners in many parts of the world to try to find long-term solutions to hunger and ways to increase agricultural productivity and incomes while simultaneously ensuring responsible use of natural resources.

    As preppers we are far more aware of what’s going on around us than the population at large.

    We are rightly concerned about the future, and food security for the future occupies our minds on almost a daily basis. We know we cannot store enough to keep our families fed indefinitely. Our choices, especially after a collapse of any sort will be limited.

    Over the past four years I have tried different methods to increase my yields, and logged the results. This year my garden will be planted according to those results.

    Summarizing, this is what I have discovered:

    • Raised beds are easier on the back, and they heat up about two weeks earlier than the soil.
    • Using raised beds allows me to really enrich the soil, as you would with the no dig method where organic matter builds up over the seasons.
    • Building raised beds need not be expensive. I am using the one metric …

    In just ten years we will have nearly 600 million more people living in cities. According to McKinsey, a huge portion of world GDP will be generated from just 600 cities around the world. Urbanization is extremely commodity intensive, not only for agriculture and food products, but for steel and for coal.  Some question whether urbanization is to blame or if it is actually the growth of the middle class? The two tend to be very linked. As people move off the land, you tend to find that they move into paying jobs which give them higher wages.

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