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    Withheld for Safety FDA Approved DrugsThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in general monitor what drugs and food are safe for human and animal consumption. They also monitor cosmetics and medical devices. If a drug is regarded as unfit and hazardous by them, it is naturally taken off the market.

    A new study was conducted to compare compared caution and withdrawal rates for drugs issued before and after the drug industry augmented subsidy to the FDA to advance drug approvals. Newer drugs have a one thirds a chance of being withdrawn for safety causes within 25 years of their approval, as stated by a new study by scientists from Cambridge Health Alliance /Harvard Medical School, Boston Medical Center (BMC)/Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), City University of New York School of Public Health, and Public Citizen. The analysis, circulated today in the August issue of Health Affairs, is the biggest on this topic, covering all of the drugs permitted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over a 35-year time frame.

    Drugs placed inside Black Boxes are the most serious warnings that these drugs may have serious side effects life-perilous risks. They are the most serious medication warnings required by the FDA.

    “The FDA is under constant pressure to rush new drugs through the pipeline to approval. In its hurry, the FDA is apparently failing to distinguish useful drugs from toxic ones, and more dangerous drugs are slipping through,” said study lead author Cassie Frank, MD, a physician at Cambridge Health Alliance and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. “By the time many drugs receive serious safety warnings, millions of Americans have already been exposed to their side effects, which can sometimes be fatal. As a doctor, I try to keep my patients safe by avoiding new drugs, when there are similar, older ones available.” “Our findings raise concern that the FDA is rushing its review of new drugs and allowing potentially unsafe medicines onto the market. As a primary care doctor, I'm wary of prescribing brand new drugs unless they're really a breakthrough, since their full risks are often …

    New drugs coming out means more safety regulations by the FDA. The earlier these drugs are approved due to shorter review time, the higher chances that these drugs will be in the black box warning. Before purchasing a certain drug, be very meticulous on news and reports about that certain drug and be in the watch is this drug has been or will be in the black box.



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