• Spanish Health Ministry to Ban HPV Vaccines

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    Health officials have wrongly assumed the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine can prevent 70 per cent of cases of cervical cancer and press reports show “German experts said the assumptions simply did not stand up to scrutiny, and that women remained at risk“. The HPV vaccine can have serious adverse effects with high levels of reported adverse reactions.  Death and debilitating illness have been claimed but officials do not acknowledge an association.

    AAVP meets Spanish Health Ministry representatives to ask for the withdrawal of HPV vaccines from the Official vaccination schedule of Spain and informs there are three cases of suspected death and numerous cases of suspected serious adverse reactions in our country and around the world.

    Last Tuesday the 26th of August, Spanish Health Ministry representatives and Alicia Capilla, President of AAVP (Association of people affected by HPV vaccine) together with Francisco Almódovar (attorney from the firm Almódovar&Jara) held an important meeting with three representatives of the team of Mrs. Mercedes Vinuesa, General Director of Public Health in the quarters of the Spanish Health Ministry.

    Alicia Capilla stated that Spanish Health Authorities have not been responsible because families did not receive information prior to vaccination about the risks their daughters have suffered after receiving the HPV vaccine, thus the right we have as citizens to have therapeutic informed consent has been violated.

    Mrs. Capilla …

    If the vaccine is not effective, then its adverse effects cannot be justified but in the UK we see no official comment on the vaccine’s risk profile.  This highlights how public safety issues fail to be addressed as a result of  what some claim is a quasi-religious belief created by the drug industry in the importance of vaccines and the fear medical professionals have of making public criticisms on safety grounds.

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