• Fired For Vaccine Refusal

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    It is important for the overall workplace health program to contain a combination of individual and organizational level strategies and interventions to influence health. It is essential for a company to protect and oversee the welfare and wellness of every employee. Thus a good health program is commendable.

    There must be an assessment to define an employee’s health and safety risks and concerns and describe current health promotion activities, capacity, needs, and barriers.

    A planning process to develop the components of a workplace health programs including goal determination; selecting priority interventions; and building an organizational infrastructure.

    Program implementation involving all the steps needed to put health promotion strategies and interventions into place and making them available to employees.

    An evaluation of efforts to systematically investigate the merit (e.g., quality), worth (e.g., effectiveness), and significance (e.g., importance) of an organized health promotion action/activity.

    Arnold Hoekstra, the first man in Canada to be fired for refusing to submit to a flu vaccination at his place of employment, the Boundary Hospital in British Columbia.

    Hoekstra, who is 49, held a permanent part-time position at the hospital as an adult day program worker. However, when he was instructed to submit to a flu vaccination, he refused to be injected with the toxic cocktail of chemicals and viruses that have been demonstrated to cause a number of adverse health effects in both children and adults. Short of agreeing to be injected with a vaccine that has been shown to beineffective at preventing the flu (at best), Hoekstra’s only other option was to wear a face mask at all times while at work.

    Hoekstra refused this option as well because he claims that wearing a mask all day makes him feel like he is suffocating. Thus, Hoekstra was terminated from his job as a result of his decision.

    The rights of each concerned are important, but where do we draw the line. Every opportunity comes responsibility and risk, every decision has results and reactions. Each taking thought of what is better and advantageous, but not being able to meet halfway will definitely will put one in a hot seat. Was it fair?

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