• Which Fruits Should You Eat: The Hierarchy of Fruit Sugar

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    It’s no secret that fruits are healthy – in fact, they are the healthiest, purest foods offered by Mother Nature! However, paired with a diet marked by overeating, consuming a variety of unfitting foods in one sitting and the consumption of processed, white sugar and flour-laden foods, fruit doesn't always translate as “good” in the body. Fruit sugar, even in small quantities, may only harm a body that isn't equipped to receive it with open arms. Luckily, some are less in fruit sugar than others. Internalize the hierarchy of fruit sugar, realize your options and you’ll never feel deprived of the sweet snack.

    Fruit sugar is generally harmless, as it comes in a bigger package, otherwise known as fiber. With fiber in tow, the fruit sugar is just a pesky, barely worthy needle in a haystack of gut and immune-focused benefits. However, what good is a piece of fruit if the body it enters is highly acidic and unprepared to process fruit sugar properly? When fruit clashes with other foods in the gastrointestinal tract or confronts candida or other yeast-overload issues occurring in the body, the natural sugars in the fruit may cause fermentation, feed yeast and ultimately cause bloating, acne, lethargy and an overall sense of glum. And some of us, without even knowing, suffer from fructose malabsorption.

    To test this on yourself, eat a piece of fruit – say, a banana – in the morning on an empty stomach and see what happens. Do you bloat and then have to go …

    Dried fruits also carry the big setback of volume. Sure, they’re in nice small packets, but they have a much higher concentration of calories, so you gotta watch how many you take. In spite of that, experts still recommend dried fruits over fruit juices because at least the dried forms still preserve the natural structure of fruit cells. Plus, they’re great to throw in a travel bag and stick around for longer!

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