• What’s With Super Weeds?

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    Farmers, Planters, “Green Thumbers”and simple gardeners have one thing in common. Pull the weeds, pull the weeds, and pull the weeds! But what’s with the super weeds? The massive growing of superweeds is a pain in the neck.

    In the 1990s, Monsanto introduced a new line of seeds called “Roundup Ready,” which were genetically engineered to be immune to glyphosate, which is the active (and highly toxic, main ingredient in the company’s herbicide, Roundup. As a result of these seeds that were genetically modified to be resistant to herbicide, farmers used mass amounts of it.

    Roundup Ready seeds were accepted pretty fast, because weeds were detrimental to farming. Monsanto played the “superhero,” jumping in to save the day. Their Roundup herbicide seemed to be great, until weeds developed genes to resist it, becoming superweeds. The more Monsanto’s Roundup Ready system was used, the stronger the resistance genes became in the weeds, developing into a superweed crisis.

    And the story goes on and on, every remedy does not assure us of a perfect outcome and stress free work. Genetically Modified products and the herbicides may sound like an answer to the need, yet the long term effect won’t do any good, they just prolong the stress it produce. Eventually these products are not safe to consume.

    We can imagine a green meadow and with just a snap- grows giant weeds that would cover the farmland and every inch of greeneries, suffocating every vegetable garden. What a mess! Stop imagining, “Superweeds” are real and they are literally infesting America’s croplands. And who’s to blame for the overuse of Monsanto’s ‘Roundup Ready’ seeds and herbicides in the agricultural system? We should be careful on every proposed ‘solutions’ that could be a worse epidemic in the cropland. Manufacturing companies’ and agribusiness companies may continue to produce herbicide resistant crops yet it will just develop more toxic herbicides. It may solve one need but definitely will turn into a giant problem.

    It’s a highly risky move. Increased herbicides use on the new engineered crops will speed up weed resistance, leaving no viable herbicide alternatives. This is a dangerous chemical cocktail, that when combined with the current farming systems, is a recipe for disaster – Doug Gurian-Sherman, senior scientist with the UCS Food & Environment.

    We see the desire to help meet the need for the problem, but instead of the solution, the problem just continues to grow and worsen the risk at the expense of our health and wellness. It is still important to go back to the basics, the natural way of farming may require more time and extra effort but we can expect a healthier produce of vegetables and crops. What’s with the weeds, if we get super strength of naturally grown crops? Let’s get to work and till the garden!

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