• What if your Non-Dairy Creamer if Flammable?

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    Have you ever thought of something interesting to do today? How about –go and take one of your non-diary creamer out and light it up with fire and see what will happened to it. Well, how did this idea came about? Why everybody else is suddenly got interested on Mr. Coffee’s best buddy –non-diary creamer. There had been voids and articles and stuff going around claiming about your creamer being flammable and definitely harmful. I was wondering if thing was true, those who invented it should answer it. Imagine how much you have consumed something on a daily basis something that you are convinced a healthy product and then suddenly turned out to be flammable? What a shock! Feels like you have been cheated big time. What are they thinking about us? That we need flammable stuff inside our body like dragons? This cheating strategy of products advertisements should be stop.

    How long do you think you’ve been using these products and the potential damage it can cause in your system if you continue using them? Time and time again we bumped in to a discovery of this and that being safe and even recommended by experts and after a couple of years they will say that its harmful, “Don’t use it!” are we being played by this company of product names and treat us like experiments? What happened to our government agencies, they’re supposed to take care of us against fraud and harmful chemicals that the consumers are unknowingly eating.

    What's Really in Your Non-Dairy Creamer?

    If you drink coffee, the best way to drink it is black without sugar or cream and preferably organic. But if you choose to add cream, the simple, old-fashioned full-fat cream (preferably organic, raw, and from grass-fed cows) is the best option.

    Non-dairy creamer can scarcely be called “cream” at all, as it is more aptly a synthetic combination of chemicals, oils, sugars, and milk products. Let's take a look at some of the more common ingredients, which will, of course, vary slightly depending on your brand:

    Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

    Part of the problem with partially hydrogenated soybean oil is the trans fat it contains. These synthetic trans fats are known to promote inflammation. There are also the significant health hazards of soy itself, with the majority of soybeans genetically engineered and contaminated with highly toxic herbicides like Roundup (glyphosate).

    It is always safe and healthy to choose organic ingredients on food. But how are we going to protect ourselves from these harmful chemicals if the product owner, even the government is not that committed to finding out what’s harmful or not of the products that are out in the market today. Moore and more studies will come out about how dreadful it is to take this product AND consumed it on a daily basis. But the thing about this matter, is that nobody gets into jail, for this irresponsible act. Many people could’ve died but nobody is punished.

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